Welcome to BioPath Innovations

We are a multidisciplinary company comprising diagnostics, and consultation on clinical trial design, statistics, database generation, biomarker discovery and clinical application. Our aim is to improve patient care & outcomes by playing a key role in the area of diagnostics using a simple in – simple out approach.

Our Team

Our team participates in a variety of development, quality control and diagnostic safety schemes of the United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS); for Oncogene Panel Testing, BRCA Testing for Ovarian Cancer-Germline (pilot) and BRCA Testing for Ovarian Cancer-Somatic (pilot).

Our Laboratory has already taken part in European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) Molecular Pathology and Biomarker quality control schemes as an Expert Reference/Validation Lab for Molecular Testing in Lung, Colorectal Cancer and Melanoma.

Our Accreditations

Our Lab

In our lab we implement different technologies that are tailored to each patient’s needs individually in order to create a personalized profile:

  • Molecular Diagnosis by Next Generation Sequencing that provide us the opportunity to study many genes simultaneously.
  • Molecular Diagnosis using Cobas z480 Technology to study specific biomarkers.
  • Molecular Diagnosis using Idylla Technology to study  specific biomarkers.
  • Protein expression study, by BenchMark Ultra-Ventana platform