Sam Murray

Sam Murray
B.Sc (Hons), Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer

After majoring in chemistry, biochemistry, immunology and biology in Australia (BSc + MSc with honors) he obtained his PhD in Biochemistry and Medicine in London at ICSTM/UCL.

Dr Murray has 20+ years’ experience in molecular medicine (clinical and molecular genetics, biochemistry, pathology), more than 50 internationally peer reviewed publications and over 200 presentations (national/international); he is also a member of several scientific societies, an editorial board member of several international journals, a regular peer reviewer and a recognized KOL in the field. His special interests include oncology/hematology biomarkers and companion diagnostic(s) development.

He is a Director of several laboratories, and maintains research and development ties in academia and industry. Dr Murray is also a participant in several independent European committees on EQA, bio-safety & diagnostics. He participates in guidelines committees for oncology and biomarkers, and is a SAG board member of the EMQN.

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