Fani Gavresea

Fani Gavresea


Medical Supervisor

She received her medical degree from the University of Athens Medical School in 2005.

She completed her residency in histopathology and cytology at “Metaxas” Anticancer Hospital of Athens in 2010 and she became a board-certified pathologist at the same year and started working at “IASO” Women’s Hospital with a special interest in female reproductive system, breast and oncology. She also has received specialized training in evaluation several biomarkers.

Dr Gavresea is a candidate for PhD at the University of Athens Medical School.

She has numerous publications and oral presentations in international congresses and seminars and over 20 full-text publications in medical journals with impact factor up to 5,88.

She also has a permanent collaboration with Athens University of Applied Studies as a peer educator in a 2-year post-graduate program of the Department of Medical Labolatories.

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